College Affiliated to M.P. Medical Science University, Jabalpur (M.P.)
College Recognised by C.C.I.M. , New Delhi
Therapies Available in Rajeev Gandhi Hospital & College, Bhopal
Earthern pack: Useful in cleaning of accumulated poisonous matter causing ailments like constipation, acidity and stomach problems.
Encircle pack: The encircling of wet bed sheet on the entire body is useful in diseases like fever, obesity, insomnia and other ailments through absorption of accumulated harmful ailments in affected inner organs in the form of sweat.
Waist bath: Sitting in a special type of tub filled with water easily helps in removing foreign matter present in intestines by excretion. Therefore in nature cure, this therapy is considered important in almost all types of ailments.
Spinal Bath: Especially useful in ailments like spondylitis, sciatica, hypertension and insomnia.
Hot-foot Bath: Placing feet in hot water regulates blood circulation and is useful in asthma, headache, insomnia, menstruation related ailments.
Enema: The layers of stool struck in intestines are cleaned by inserting water, honey, lime, neem through rectum, thereby curing constipation.
Kunjal: For cleansing of small intestine, warm, salt fish and simple water is given for drinking and patient is made to vomit by proper technique. This process is specially useful for; digestive and corrective respiratory ailments.
Sankh Prankchalan: For cleaning large intestine, salt fish or simple warm water is given for drinking in a large quantity.
Neti: The cleansing of nose, eyes & brain impurities is undertaken by this process by flowing water through nose and cleansing the nasal tract by inserting a thin rubber pipe.
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